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Sport 19: Lightworks

A Mini Mental Status Examination

A Mini Mental Status Examination

  • She told me that it was summer and that we were in the south of France.
  • The night before we had heard a man sing beautifully on the street and had sipped wine while we listened.
  • Her father was important and young men had always sought her.
  • I was no exception.
  • She complained of the heat.
2.She remembered three things:
  • One The sound of crickets frying in the sun.
  • Two The correct way for casting on a row of stiches.
  • Three That in her father's house were many mansions.
3.She told me that my pen was a dagger and my watch was a fading rose in my hand.
4.She said that the world was already backwards and why make it 12
5.She wrote:
  • ‘Old Meg she was a gypsy
  • And lived upon the moors
  • Her bed it was the brown heath turf
  • And her house was out of doors.’
  • She drew a butterfly on a piece of paper for me.
  • She coloured the body in blue where the wings overlapped.
7.She closed one eye at a time slowly while she looked at me with a smile.
8.She took the paper in her right hand, screwed it up and threw it at me.

No ifs, ands or buts.

Later I told her what day it was and the name of the place where we had talked.

I said her name like a cold flannel wiping the food away from someone's mouth.

There are times when I wonder why I did.