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Sport 18: Autumn 1997

To Have Feet and Not Have Walked on Them

page 167

To Have Feet and Not Have Walked on Them

(a letter to Ken Bolton and Cath Kenneally, June 1996)

To have feet and not have walked on them—imagine
our five-month-old son, Felix, moving furtively beneath the furniture.
Walking or crawling free, like our neighbour Mr Apostolakis, who bought a pistol from

an undercover policeman he then tried to hire to shoot his wife's
lover—he was given a suspended sentence and fined $7500, while
his son
spends 18 months in prison for possession of the (inoperative) firearm.

How could a mother do this to her son? the poor man moans,
smoking and gesticulating from the front page—the Greek
population back in the press,
reminding us of the time

a young Angelopoulos choked while trying
to swallow a bag of cocaine
as the police were about to
handcuff him. The Mount Victoria tunnel was graffitied a week later: