Title: Sport 16

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, March 1996, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 16: Autumn 1996

David Geary

page 142

David Geary

Irene and Gaye

They stood in the middle of the road
and put straw hats on their bellies
and the wind just held them there.
I thought it was so cool
and they were so cool.
I wouldn’t have minded being
those hats
pressed against their skin
with the wind as an
It was down by the old butter factory. I think
in 1906, or something like that,
Rangiwahia won a prize for the best butter
in the World
but all we had now was girls who could keep hats on their bellies.
It was summer
and there was a mirage behind them as the road melted and
They had to explain that to me too.

page 143

Incompetent Lips

You’ve got incompetent lips
said my dentist.
You breath through your mouth
which dries out your gums
and that’s why they bleed.
You should massage them more.
It’s not necessarily a bad thing. In women
it’s considered quite sensual
to have fuller lips,
he said.
And went on to tell me about his latest
short story idea.