Title: Praeteritio

Author: P. Michael Campbell

In: Sport 14: Autumn 1995

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, April 1995, Wellington

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Literature

Conditions of use



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Sport 14: Autumn 1995



The plaid curtains, green and red, and the branches
of the tree, and the leaves of the plants, and the grey
sky that was everywhere, and the plaid curtains
moving almost imperceptibly or possibly not moving
at all, the two pound bag of tortilla chips, the red
countertop and the red and green curtains, the grey sky
that is everywhere and the grey shadows of the curtains
moving, the thin line of light wavering, the light coming
from the overlap of the curtains on the adjoining wall
which are not moving now, the red shopping bag on the
floor beside the white and brown box, the white walls
and grey shadows, the green tile floor with patterns
of leaves and the darker green shadows, a single yellow
banana sits curled on a red counter, and a loaf of bread
still wrapped in plastic lounges atop the refrigerator.