Title: Terms of Art

Author: Bill Sewell

In: Sport 14: Autumn 1995

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, April 1995, Wellington

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

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Sport 14: Autumn 1995

Bill Sewell — Terms of Art

page 132

Bill Sewell

Terms of Art

It is well settled
and without prejudice
or undue influence
that words in the masculine gender
include the feminine
and words in the singular
include the plural.

But when time is of the essence
the reasonable man
must give consideration
and not pierce the corporate veil
save in time of war
or at the crystallisation
of the floating charge.

Moreover it is unsound on its face
and an act or omission
for the reasonable man
to be on all fours
though he may well be within
the four corners of the instrument.

Before his demise
he may demise the tenement
search the title
and create an easement
devise a means of devising his estate
in fee simple or in fee tail—

page 133

But if the necessaries
are not fit for the purpose
and the incidents of the incident
with the third party
are negatived
it is both a stale claim
and bad law.

And if the will
is silent
and there is no life in being
the plaintiff may be non-suited
and has no cause of action.

He can neither raise an estoppel
nor remove the clog
on the equity of redemption:

voidable, void, and avoided
he has no remedy
and he cannot recover.