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Sport 11: Spring 1993

Appendix Two: Illustrations

Appendix Two: Illustrations

black and white painting

p. 122: Photograph of inscribed graffiti, Edinburgh 1992; Brendan O’Brien

p. 124: Multiple Baxters 1—‘Driveway Painting’ 1974; Nigel Brown

p. 126: Multiple Baxters 2—The Two Baxters, Millwood Press 1979; coffer design

p. 127: After Bathing at Baxter’s, album coffer, RCA Records, 1967

p. 128: ibid

p. 129: ibid

p. 130: ibid

p. 131: Poster for Newman Hall reading, 1984; Nigel Brown

p. 133: Drawing, 1985

p. 135: Drawing, 1985

p. 140: Drawing, 1985

p. 142: Jerusalem photo; Joanna Paul

p. 144: Two watercolours from ‘A Chronology’; Joanna Paul

p. 145: Coffer, New Zealand in Colour, (Reed, 1961)

p. 151: Multiple Baxters 3The Life of James K. Baxter, OUP 1992, coffer design

p. 152: After Bathing at Baxter’s, album cover

p. 154: The Holy Life and Death of Concrete Grady, OUP 1976; cover design by Colin McCahon

p. 157: ‘Driveway Painting: The Poet’s Breakfast’ (1974), N. Brown