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Sport 11: Spring 1993

Fleur Wickes — Jane Finds Her Music

page 105

Fleur Wickes

Jane Finds Her Music

Even when it was the first time,
you were too hard on me.

Jane’s Pleasant Surprise

Tom’s good kids are fine
He asks after you
I would like to say
How you are But I
can’t speak of it. La

la la la, la la
Had no Daddy had
an Uncle Shaun though
He did put his hand
up and down her skirt
each and every day


Isaac’s cock looks like
a heart when his legs
are in the air.

page 106

Isaac for a Ride

Isaac took Jane’s
breasts in his hands
He took her breasts
one and then the other—
Held them until they
ere tight for her—
and she could make

Isaac Five Ways

I tried to see you five
ways Isaac. I can barely
see you straight.

The thing is, I want to
make a story of you. Your
chest, its hair, the smell
I get on me sometimes.

When I was a child I
gave myself a hickie
with a vacuum cleaner
I looked in the mirror
made stories of the boys
who loved me and gave
me that bruise.

I lie about you, tell
them you’re beside me
when you’re not even

page 107

Christ Isaac, it’s not
that I love you, it’s
easier. That’s all.

Jane Lives Alone

Jane wants to clean
the house, love it
in the sunshine.
Shout stop to her laughing
children bouncing balls
in the hallway.
Kiss her darling on the mouth
in the morning.

In a dairy on the corner
Jane plays a game with
the man behind the counter.
Tells him about Tom or Isaac
or her son who fell down
on the step and made bruises.

As well, she says,
there is a kick inside.
Kicks and quietness
that is the pattern
of my days these days.

I Say This

There have been
men inside me
I have passed
on the street and
not recognised.

page 108

I would have
kissed each
one all my

Take a man
and his mouth.
Open it.

Let him see all
that you need.

Isaac, 4 Parts

I have been for
a swim in the pool
tonight. My hair
smells of you
Isaac. When you
came home from work
and made love to
me and my nose
was so close to
your skin, it
was always right
there. Where your
back stops and
your arse
begins. I could
never work out
whether it was
chlorine or your

page 109

You weren’t so
special. Shoulders
and stomach like
other men. It
was the hair
on your chest
I couldn’t get
away from,
my palm flat
in the centre
between each of
your nipples.
Your black tight
hair would find
its way over
the creases of
my fingers. My
hands would be

I sat next
to a man
on a bus he
was like you
black, black
hair. I watched
him I thought
of what he could
do to me.
I wondered
if he would
hold me down
sometimes. Put
his penis in
my mouth.

page 110

I did dream
of fairies once.
Floating on the
outside. A
child looking on
the bright side.
One stroke of
your tongue
and it was gone.

Hey Jane

I was walking,
some kids said
Hey Jane. I
looked back,
it was some
other Jane.
I could be any
Jane. With you
gone and me
alone, it’s just
like that.