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Sport 11: Spring 1993

The Beast’s Employment

page 65

The Beast’s Employment

Everybody has to have a job. We place an ad in the local paper—Beast Wanted. Then show the Beast—see, right here in our very Kingdom. It seems tailor-made. The Beast’s CV makes him appear ideal. All the same we put in a good word with the Mayor and other prominent dignitaries. Hurrah!—the Beast is offered the position. His duties include lumping and bumping about and devouring, and the Beast can lump and bump and devour like anything. We all congratulate the Beast and clap each other on the back. It is a special moment. He is ideal. We arrange with the Mayor for the Beast’s wages to be paid into a trust fund administered by ourselves, until he is of age. We tell the Mayor that he is our very special friend. And in the evenings we often chatter with our very special friends about goodness knows what and how well our ‘Beasty’ is getting along in his job.