Title: Triangles

Author: Emma Neale

In: Sport 10: Autumn 1993

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, May 1993, Wellington

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

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Sport 10: Autumn 1993




She was his rebound.
He took her to him
again and again
wanting exhaustion
the backswing of his heart
to slow in smaller and smaller arcs.

Afterwards he would dim the lamp,
drink while she slept.
Through half closed eyes
he half believed the huddled shoulders,
the way they cupped the light,
refracted neon into moon.

the return

She went back for a while
as he asked,
accepted the full
wine glass of resolutions,
his bright bunch of intentions.
page 68 But it was the careful side
that walked each hotel room
a second time, ran slow fingers
behind desk drawers,
stroked up at last past the light points
assured there was nothing of hers left
at this temporary address.

little weaknesses

It was the crisp crackling colour wrapper
over that freshness each time, each one;
it was the clean sealed seam
of social conversation he'd only want
to peel back and rumple past
the smooth milk round
the surprise buds
of their bodies
it was worst at parties.
His wife stayed in. Pleaded
some previous engagement.