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Sport 9: Spring 1992

Please, pay attention

Please, pay attention

(after Carlos Drummond de Andrade)

Please, pay attention.
The fig tree—it is in leaf,
with fruit, before you even
notice it is there.

Open your eyes.
Wind gusts
explode the sea's surface
in circles. The bad weather's
all gone to sea, they said,
but it's raining years
on your head, you'll
have to go inside and
close the door.

A boy on the bus carries
six sandwiches in plastic
wrap on his knees. Such
lack of inhibition! You could
learn from that.

Be wild and curious. The
day is in bloom. It needs
attention, admiration.
Bees graze the lavender.
There's a new yellow wall,
sycamore trees come
over it