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Sport 8: Autumn 1992

♣ Jenny Bornholdt — The Man Dean Went to Photograph

page 47

Jenny Bornholdt

The Man Dean Went to Photograph

The man Dean went to photograph
has the Easter Island statues on
either side of his back, the
pyramids in between, across the
top the Pyrennes and above them
the sky. In between is a gap
he is worried about. He plans the
Niagara Falls down one
side, the pink and white terraces
down the other. He likes things
big so you can see them. Like
when he climbs the pyrennes and
sees the country displayed
before him like the sea
inviting pleasure craft to play
upon its surface—he finds enormous
satisfaction in this. Likewise, when
he gazes down on the plain and
sees his wife, the great wings
of the eagle spread across her back
impatient to rise.