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Sport 6: Autumn 1991


page 36
Facsimile of a Letter

Pengucapan Puisi
Poetry Reading

our ref.: DBP-4/36 K.5 (173)
Date: September 24th. 1990.

Mr. Bill Manhire,
Department of English,
Victoria University of Wellington,
P.O. Box 600,
New Zealand.

Dear Manhire,

THE THIRD KUALA LUMPUR WORLD POETRY READING 1990: PARTICIPANT'S TICKET Your ticket is ready! Thank you very much to Malaysia Airlines our main sponsor, with its charm and hospitable has come forward to fly you to Kuala Lumpur, The City of Light to participate in this festival.
2. Your ticket is already cleared and please re-confirm it and do follow your right date to depart for Kuala Lumpur. At the Subang Airport International (Malaysia) you will be welcomed by a team from the secretariat. Transport to hotel is waiting for you. Although some of you would arrive before 25th. October, please do not worry, we are looking and pay for your accommodation and food.
3."SELAMAT DATANG" is Malaysian way to greet you poet% of the World. Please come and enjoy every moment of this Kuala Lumpur World Poetry Festival. This is our own festival and we are together responsible to enlighten it.

Until then, warm regards and love.
Sincerely yours,
Third Kuala Lumpur World Poetry Reading 1990,
for Director General.

C.C.: i. The Chairman.
ii. The Deputy Chairman.