Title: Tourism

Author: Bernard Cohen

In: Sport 5: Spring 1990

Publication details: 1990, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 5: Spring 1990


page 76


Finally we went into a coffee lounge where Paul and I abused John for making us drive 180 kilometres out of our way to pick up and drop off his damned skis and wasting five or six hours here and also at Sunset Beach. We got louder and louder, much to the amusement of people at neighbouring tables. We tried to calculate how much he had cost us in petrol money while he explained that if it weren't for him, we wouldn't have had a good time at all. Eventually we invited two Melbourne girls over to our table to talk. They were catching the same flight as John in the morning. We tried to convince John to buy us all coffee. He went off and returned with one for himself. The people at the next table went to catch their flight and for some reason gave us five dollars. Anyway, we said thanks and I got coffee for Paul and me and the girls. My diarrhoea was no better.