Title: Tourism

Author: Bernard Cohen

In: Sport 5: Spring 1990

Publication details: 1990, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 5: Spring 1990



In the play of the same name, Player 1 moves to the stage centre, gazes out over the audience and says,'Hey! This is some party.' It looks like this in the script:
Player 1 [Moves to Stage Centre, slowly surveys audience]: Hey! This is some party.

In the short story, Betty is on the 40th floor of National Banking Corporation Tower. It is dusk and has been raining, but a westerly wind has blown the clouds away. The streets are wet and the streetlights, headlights, traffic lights, shop lights reflect from the bitumen. She turns to her companion and says, 'Some party, eh!' Ros smiles all the way up one side of her twisting face.

In the novel, Benny is walking through a crowded market on Saturday afternoon. Touts are screaming, 'Hey! Hey! Come here a minute.' An auctioneer with microphone says, '52 to the black hat. Is that that? 52. 52. Where's 55? Where's 54? What do I hear? I hear 52. 52 once. 52 again.' Cages of chickens squawking. Monkeys, cats, dogs, parrots. The smell of rotting fruit. A puff of cigar smoke. Benny steps over a young man asleep, oblivious. She ducks under a rack of hand bags and says to Ros, 'What a party!'

Dear Ros, thanks for everything. I haven't had such a wild weekend since 1976. 1 couldn't believe that party. And you are really wonderful.