Title: Tourism

Author: Bernard Cohen

In: Sport 5: Spring 1990

Publication details: 1990, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 5: Spring 1990

Moss Vale

page 72

Moss Vale

The people's heroes still live in this locale. Heroes of politics, tourism, the arts, science, sport and industry are concentrated about Moss Vale. One cannot venture far in this town without encountering a hero of some description. In local cinemas and cafés, heroes may be spotted at surrounding tables and seats. The public bars, too, are full of leaders of the people. Naturally modest, nonetheless these heroes are not averse to sharing a brief conversation with visitors. Much can be learnt in this town about the nature of heroism from men and women who have lived it as if it were the easiest role in the world to fulfil. Visitors leave Moss Vale transformed by the experience, a new spark in their previously dull eyes.