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Sport 5: Spring 1990

James Norcliffe — testimony of the rack

page 152

James Norcliffe

testimony of the rack

my wood is naturally black
heart hardwood with sharp
chamfered edges and a shiny
my screws are long
threaded to a point and
neatly countersunk

spokes so beautifully
turned in wheels which
in turn turn beautifully
all creaks and green
groans long oiled out of me

I am so bloody real I
want to touch myself
as precise as an oriental
spirit house and (touch wood)
as well-preserved, respected

of course
my real purpose is to pull
at the extremities of these
fleshy pupas

to make some
sense out of their soft
and messy writhing

so what if I do sometimes
stretch the truth a little?

wouldn't you prefer
these brilliant butterflies?