Title: Make Sure

Author: Jenny Bornholdt

In: Sport 2: Autumn 1989

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, April 1989, Wellington

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

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Sport 2: Autumn 1989

Make Sure

page 114

Make Sure

Make sure you fall in love with a man who you know will survive in the bush.

This way, when he is three nights overdue from his trip and the search and rescue team is out looking for him and the helicopter has been called back because the weather is closing in and they're interviewing you on television in a close-up camera shot, asking you what you think his chances are — hoping you will cry and your lip will tremble — you can look them straight in the eye and say you know he will be all right, he has had plenty of experience and he knows what to do, he was carrying plenty of food and warm clothing and he is strong.

Even if he is hurt, you know he will be all right.

He's a fighter, you'll say. He won't give in.

But the weather is closing in, you must be worried, they'll ask. You keep your resolve. He will be all right, you say. I know he will.