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Sport 2: Autumn 1989

Matthew Goldie — Presupposition

page 45

Matthew Goldie


We've got the wrong line here
And it's hearing two people
In a large formation or two
Who are responsible
For the final link-up.
If we break into the conversations
The music will stop,
A bit like last week.
The echo is stationary
Rebounding from itself for ever.
Who would stand in the way
Of such things?

'Dance you suckers
And listen closely to every maxim,
They are likely to hold all
In a concentrated method of dance.
Suddenly, all is black and white
For at least seven scenes
And the perfection of each
Is added to by full colour
Which will resume shortly.

They include a sunset
And a surprising length of warmth
Which spreads itself through the house
In a cold snap
And a shine on this
Like glossy flowers
Included in a short catalogue
Of paper designs drawn from
Modern wallpaper designs.

page 46

An additional comment will
Add just that edge to it
And make everything
Quite a winter beech.
Someone is tapping
On my shoulder already,
Pointing at a mess on the floor,
But we are serious here
And also too late.'

Someone else has arrived
And is rapidly laying
Three new cables
And ground for a major review
Of the whole system
Which will mean
Gradually, very gradually
Replacing all former opinions
By a new set of truths.

Did you hear the one about
Those two specks up there
To the left and the right
On the rim of the rises,
One of which glows blue-grey
And both of which pace each other,
Mirroring the other's movements?
Damn my stupid ears
They're always playing tricks—
They're all around you now
Laughing and lifting you up
Way above their shoulders.