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Reports of meetings on Māori Church matters, 1872-1888

Church of England Cemetery Purewa, Orakei. Rules And Regulations, Etc

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Title Page

Church of England Cemetery
Purewa, Orakei.
Rules And Regulations, Etc.

Approved of by the Diocesan Synod of Auckland, 1888.

Auckland: Wilsons and Horton, Printers, Queen and Wyndham Streets.


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Rules and Regulations, Etc.

1. Any person desiring ground for a grave or vault, or for any other purpose, shall apply therefor to the Secretary to the Trustees, Diocesan Office, Queen Street, on printed form (or in writing) prescribed in Schedule A.
2. Any person desiring to construct a brick grave, vault, or tomb, or to erect a monument, tombstone, cenotaph, wall, fence, or any other erection, or place any inscription or epitaph in any part of the Cemetery, shall apply in writing to the Trustees for permission to do so; and at the same time submit a plan, design, or drawing of such, with full particulars, for approval—the work to be subject to the inspection and control of a person to be appointed by the Trustees.
3. All vaults shall be lined throughout with brickwork, concrete, or stone set in cement. The depth, length, and breadth of the vault shall be first approved by the Trustees. The entrance to the vault shall be either by a stone at top or an iron door. In all cases entrances shall be securely fastened, and all work done to the satisfaction of the Trustees.
4. Coffins for vaults must be lined with lead or other metal approved by the Trustees, to be firmly and securely soldered, or may be covered in with concrete or cement, so as to prevent the escape of noxious gas.
5. All vaults must be kept in proper order and repair by the purchaser of the lot in which the vault is made, or his assignee. If at any time any vault shall become out of proper order or repair, the Trustees may give such purchaser, or his assigns, three months' notice to repair the same, by leaving such notice at his or their last known place of abode in the Colony of New Zealand. If such purchaser or his assigns fail to do, or cause to be done, the required repairs within the three months abovementioned, the Trustees may prohibit any further interment in such vault until such repairs shall have been made.page 4
6. The Trustees will undertake to keep any grave in order upon payment of the following fees, but in no case shall any other person be allowed to do any work on graves unless specially authorised by the Trustees. Fees for keeping private grave in order for one year:—Area, 8 x 4, 5s., or in proportion. Fees for keeping grave in order for all time:—Area, 8x4, each, £2 Ios.
7. Every grave, vault, tomb, monument, tombstone, wall, fence, or any other erection, shall be maintained and kept in thorough repair and proper condition by and at the expense of the owner.
8. All materials required in the completion of any stone or other work shall be fully prepared before being taken into the Cemetery; and all earth, stones, refuse, and rubbish remaining after any work is completed shall be removed at once.
9. No wall or fence shall be more than two feet high, and must be laid on concrete or stone foundations one foot below the surface.
10. No wooden fence shall be allowed.
11. No tree shall be planted on any grave; and no shrub or plant shall be allowed to grow to a greater height than three feet, and must be trimmed, removed, or cut down when ordered by the Trustees.
12. All fees and charges shall be paid when applications are made or orders given.
13. No burial shall be permitted to take place without a certificate from the Registrar of Deaths, or a Coroner, or a duly qualified medical practitioner, and without notification of the minister who is to officiate.
14. No interment shall be permitted in any private grave or vault without the production of the certificate, Schedule B, or other satisfactory evidence that the person desiring to bury therein is entitled to do so, except as provided for in next rule.
15. In the case of an application for interment in any private grave or vault, to which during life the deceased person had no claim, the written consent of the owner shall accompany the application.page 5
16. The Trustees shall cause all graves to be dug.
17. Orders for interment, in terms of Schedule C, shall be left at the Cemetery at least six working hours prior to the time fixed for the funeral.
18. Every grave for an adult shall be at least seven feet deep.
19. Every coffin shall have on the lid the name of the deceased.
20. The hours fixed for burials shall be:—From sunrise to sunset.
21. No smoking shall be allowed within the Cemetery.
22. No dogs shall be admitted into the Cemetery.
23. Any person violating the rules of propriety and decorum, or committing any nuisance or trespass, or injuring any tree, shrub, flower, border, or any erection, shall be prosecuted as the law directs.
24. No person shall be allowed to take any flower or plant out of the Cemetery.
25. A plan of the Cemetery, shewing situations and numbers of the graves, and a registry of all burials shall be kept at the Diocesan Office.
page 6

[Schedule A.]
Church of England Cemetery, [unclear: Purewa], Orakei.


Form to be Filled up Before Issue of Warrant to Inter.

1. Name of Deceased—
2. Age—
3. Late Residence—
4. Late Rank or Occupation—
5. Date of Death—
6. Probable Cause of Death—
7. Birthplace of Deceased—
8. Number of Grave on plan—section block lot
9. Day of Burial—
10. Hour of Burial—
11. Name of Minister to Officiate—

Fees paid under this application:—

  • For license to enclose land feet by feet
  • For breaking ground
  • For sinking grave

Signature of applicant—

  • Occupation—
  • Address—
page 7

Scale of Fees and Charges For the Purewa Cemetery.

Section A.

Breaking Ground. Sinking Grave. Total.
For an Adult 0 10 0 0 10 0 1 0 0
For Child under 7 0 7 6 0 7 6 0 15 0
For Still Born 0 5 0 0 7 6 0 12 6

On payment of a fee of 15s. within two years from date of burial the permission will be given to fence.

The fee for breaking ground may be remitted, under special circumstances, by the Trustees.

Section B.

Grave Space, including

Permission to Fence. Breaking Ground. Sinking Grave 7ft.
8 x 4 1 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0
8 x 8 3 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0
8 x 12 4 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0
8 x 16 6 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0

Section C.

8 x 4 3 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0
8 x 8 5 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0
8 x 12 8 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0
8 x 16 10 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0

Special application must be made for larger spaces.

Re-opening vault or tomb, 20s.

Interment on Sundays, 20s. additional.

page 8

[Schedule B.]
Church of England Cemetery,
Purewa, Orakei.

Licence for Permanent Enclosure.
Lot Block Section

Whereas of member of the Church of the Province of New Zealand, commonly called the Church of England, is desirous of constructing an enclosure of iron or other durable material in the burying ground of Purewa, and hath paid to the Trustees of the said burying ground the sum of for to be occupied by such enclosure:

The said Trustees do hereby license the said to construct such an enclosure as aforesaid. Provided that the land so to be enclosed and occupied as aforesaid shall not be used for any purpose or in any manner otherwise than for the burial of the dead according to the rites of the said Church. Provided also that neither the enclosure to be constructed under this licence, nor any monument, gravestone, railing, or enclosure, shall be placed on or within the land so to be occupied as aforesaid, without a previous written approval of the design of such monument, gravestone, railing or enclosure, or of i such inscription, approved of by the Trustees.

Dated the day of 18

Signed, Trustees of the burying ground of Purewa

[Schedule C.]
Church of England Cemetery.
Purewa, Orakei.

Warrant to Sexton to Inter.
Lot. Block Section.

The Sexton in charge of the Purewa Cemetery is authorised to inter, as above, the body of 18 Secretary. The body of was by me interred as above, on the 18 Sexton.

Wm. S. Cochrane,

Secretary to the S. John's College Trust.

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The Selman Memorial
For The
Diocese of Auckland.

The Synod of the Diocese, at its Session in October 1878, resolved that the most suitable form of Diocesan Memorial to the late Bishop Selwyn would be an endowment which should provide stipends for—

1. A Chaplain for the Hospital, Gaol, and Lunatic Asylum;
2. A Missionary or Missionaries to the outlying districts of the Diocese.

The numbers of inmates in the above-named institutions are on an average as follows:—

In the Hospital and Old People's Refuge, 140

In the Gaol, 160

In the Lunatic Asylum: males, 130; females, 58.

More than half of these are entered as members of the Church of England, and many more of them gladly accept the ministrations of the Church.

There is besides in each case a staff of attendants.

It is well known that Bishop Selwyn constantly visited these institutions, and took the warmest interest in the [unclear: spiritual] welfare of their inmates.

Formerly each of the three institutions was considered part of the charge of one of the parochial clergy of Auckland; but in consequence of the increase that has taken place in the work of the town clergy, as well as in the numbers of inmates in these institutions, it has become necessary to provide for them additional pastoral ministrations.

It is proposed that a Chaplain, to be nominated by the Standing Committee, and appointed by the Bishop, shall be obtained so soon as the income from the endowment shall suffice.

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The proportion of the Chaplain's time to be given to this work will depend upon the proportion of his stipend guaranteed from the endowment fund.

In inviting subscriptions from all parts of the Diocese to this Memorial, the Committee would point out that the ministrations of the Chaplain will not be limited to residents in Auckland and its neighbourhood, inasmuch as the inmates of the above-named institutions come from all parts of the Diocese.

The Committee appointed to carry out the resolution of the Synod propose that the income of the endowment up to £300 a year shall be devoted to the first of the objects of the fund, and that, as soon as the income shall exceed that sum, the surplus shall be devoted to the second.

The Committee appointed by the Synod consists of—
  • The Bishop,
  • Archdeacon Maunsell,
  • The Rev. B. T. Dudley,
  • The Rev. A. R. Tomlinson,
  • The Hon. Colonel Haultain,
  • Mr S. E. Hughes,
  • Mr G. P. Pierce,
with power to add to their number.

The clergy of the Diocese have accordingly been added: and Messrs Atkin, Boardman, Cameron, J. Fairburn, and J. D. Jackson. Other gentlemen also will be asked to join the Committee.

Subscriptions may be paid to the Secretary of the Fund— Mr John James, Shortland Street; to the Hon. Treasurer—Mr G. P. Pierce; to any member of the Committee; or to the Selwyn Memorial Fund, in the Bank of New Zealand or any of its branches.

W. G. Auckland.

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Donations to the Selwyn Memorial Fund.

Name. Totai Donation, In Monthly Instalments. In quarterly Instalments In Half yearly Instalments. In Yearly Instalments
£ s. d. £ s. d.
The Right Rev. the Bishop 25 0 0 5 0 0
Rev. B. Y. Ashwell 10 0 0
R.C. Barstow, Esq. 20 0 0
A. Boardman Esq. 100 0 0
Ven. Archd. Brown 25 0 0
A. Buckland, Esq. 10 0 0
Rev. R. H. Codrington 10 0 0
Rev. B. T. Dudley 4 0 0
Hon. Col. Haultain 20 0 0
Rev. J. Haselden 5 0 0
Inops 2 2 0
2 2 0
John James
Thos Jackson 1 0 0
H. Eyre Kenny, Esq. 5 0 0
Hon. Col. Kenny 10 0 0
Ven. Archdeacon Maunsell 50 0 0
D. L. Murdoch, Esq. 25 0 0
Messrs W. McArthur and Co. 5 5 0
G.P. Pierce, Esq. 100 0 0
Rev. A. G. Purchas 5 0 0
R. Seccombe, Esq. 5 0 0
Miss Stoddard 1 1 0
Hon. W. Swainson 5 0 0
T. C. Tilly, Esq., R.N. 4 4 0
Rev. A. R. Tomlinson 10 0 0
E. K. Tyler, Esq. 1 0 0
Rev. P. Walsh 5 0 0
C. J. Wilson, Esq. 5 0 0
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Selwyn and Patteson
Memorial Chapel.

At a meeting of the parishioners of St. Mary's, Auckland, held in the Cathedral Library, Bishopscourt, on September 20, 1886, the Bishop of Auckland in the chair, it was unanimously resolved that the Morning Chapel of the proposed new church be erected to the memory of Bishops Selwyn and Patteson; and a Committee, of which the Bishops is chairman, was appointed to carry out the resolution.

It has long been felt by many that the memory of men so distinguished throughout the English-speaking world, for the saintliness of their lives and their whole-hearted devotion to the work of our Lord, should be perpetuated by some "permanent and visible memorial; which will speak to us and our children of that plain living and high thinking which were so marked a characteristic of these men of God.

There is not, it appears, in the colony, any memorial of the kind intended. Your help and co-operation in this work are solicited It is hoped that if everyone to whom this appeal comes will send a shilling, a beginning may at once be made, whilst larger gifts from those who have the means, would bring the work to a speedy completion.

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There is, it is thought, something specially suitable in the position which the Memorial Chapel will occupy, namely, in the parish in which both Bishops resided, and attached to the church which, during 1861 and 1862, was under their sole charge and had the privilege of their constant ministrations. It was in St. Mary's Church that their friends and helpers, Sir William and Lady Martin, worshipped; and the Bishop of Auckland has stated that the new church will be the Cathedral of the Diocese. Moreover, the chapel will be situated in the parish where the Constitution of our Church was drawn up and signed, and within a short distance of the Bishop's house, and of the Library where both the General and the Diocesan Synods meet It will thus always remind those who are helping to build up the work which these pioneers were mainly instrumental, under God's blessing, in so wisely establishing and ordering, of the spirit of unwearied self-denial and self-sacrifice which was so wrought into their lives.

Used for daily prayer, it will fulfil the wish to which Bishop Selwyn so often gave expression, that, in his own words, "there might be here a Cathedral Church, where the ordinances of daily prayer and weekly communion might shadow forth the unwearied service of the angels of God."

Subscriptions and donations may be paid to Rev. G. H. S. Walpole or S. Percy Smith, Esq., Auckland N.Z., or to Cheques, drafts, and P.O. Orders may be made payable to either of the above. Postal Notes or stamps will also be thankfully received.

W. G. Auckland.

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For the
Diocesan Synod of the Church in New Zealand.

O Almighty God, Who hast knit together Thine elect in one communion and fellowship, in the mystical body of Thy Son Christ our Lord, and art graciously present wherever Thy people are gathered together in His name and according to Thy will; mercifully look upon that portion of Thy Church to which we belong, and bless with Thy special favour the Council of our Clergy, and people, at this time assembled. Endue them with Thy manifold gifts of grace, with the spirit of wisdom and understanding, of power, of love, and of a sound mind, that in all their consultations they may have a single eye to Thy glory, and study to promote the good of Thy people, and the increase of Thy kingdom. Let nothing be done by them through strife or vain glory, or the fear of man; and let no private interests, or prejudices, or passions frustrate their endeavours: but grant, we beseech Thee, that all things which are needful to the ordering and edifying of Thy Church may be established and settled among us, that we all in our several vocations and ministries may do such good works as Thou hast prepared for us to walk in; and that being united in one holy bond of truth and peace, of faith and charity, we may with one mind and one mouth glorify Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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