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Reports of meetings on Māori Church matters, 1872-1888

The Selman Memorial — For The — Diocese of Auckland

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The Selman Memorial
For The
Diocese of Auckland.

The Synod of the Diocese, at its Session in October 1878, resolved that the most suitable form of Diocesan Memorial to the late Bishop Selwyn would be an endowment which should provide stipends for—

1. A Chaplain for the Hospital, Gaol, and Lunatic Asylum;
2. A Missionary or Missionaries to the outlying districts of the Diocese.

The numbers of inmates in the above-named institutions are on an average as follows:—

In the Hospital and Old People's Refuge, 140

In the Gaol, 160

In the Lunatic Asylum: males, 130; females, 58.

More than half of these are entered as members of the Church of England, and many more of them gladly accept the ministrations of the Church.

There is besides in each case a staff of attendants.

It is well known that Bishop Selwyn constantly visited these institutions, and took the warmest interest in the [unclear: spiritual] welfare of their inmates.

Formerly each of the three institutions was considered part of the charge of one of the parochial clergy of Auckland; but in consequence of the increase that has taken place in the work of the town clergy, as well as in the numbers of inmates in these institutions, it has become necessary to provide for them additional pastoral ministrations.

It is proposed that a Chaplain, to be nominated by the Standing Committee, and appointed by the Bishop, shall be obtained so soon as the income from the endowment shall suffice.

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The proportion of the Chaplain's time to be given to this work will depend upon the proportion of his stipend guaranteed from the endowment fund.

In inviting subscriptions from all parts of the Diocese to this Memorial, the Committee would point out that the ministrations of the Chaplain will not be limited to residents in Auckland and its neighbourhood, inasmuch as the inmates of the above-named institutions come from all parts of the Diocese.

The Committee appointed to carry out the resolution of the Synod propose that the income of the endowment up to £300 a year shall be devoted to the first of the objects of the fund, and that, as soon as the income shall exceed that sum, the surplus shall be devoted to the second.

The Committee appointed by the Synod consists of—
  • The Bishop,
  • Archdeacon Maunsell,
  • The Rev. B. T. Dudley,
  • The Rev. A. R. Tomlinson,
  • The Hon. Colonel Haultain,
  • Mr S. E. Hughes,
  • Mr G. P. Pierce,
with power to add to their number.

The clergy of the Diocese have accordingly been added: and Messrs Atkin, Boardman, Cameron, J. Fairburn, and J. D. Jackson. Other gentlemen also will be asked to join the Committee.

Subscriptions may be paid to the Secretary of the Fund— Mr John James, Shortland Street; to the Hon. Treasurer—Mr G. P. Pierce; to any member of the Committee; or to the Selwyn Memorial Fund, in the Bank of New Zealand or any of its branches.

W. G. Auckland.