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Reports of meetings on Māori Church matters, 1872-1888

Rules and Regulations, Etc

Rules and Regulations, Etc.

1. Any person desiring ground for a grave or vault, or for any other purpose, shall apply therefor to the Secretary to the Trustees, Diocesan Office, Queen Street, on printed form (or in writing) prescribed in Schedule A.
2. Any person desiring to construct a brick grave, vault, or tomb, or to erect a monument, tombstone, cenotaph, wall, fence, or any other erection, or place any inscription or epitaph in any part of the Cemetery, shall apply in writing to the Trustees for permission to do so; and at the same time submit a plan, design, or drawing of such, with full particulars, for approval—the work to be subject to the inspection and control of a person to be appointed by the Trustees.
3. All vaults shall be lined throughout with brickwork, concrete, or stone set in cement. The depth, length, and breadth of the vault shall be first approved by the Trustees. The entrance to the vault shall be either by a stone at top or an iron door. In all cases entrances shall be securely fastened, and all work done to the satisfaction of the Trustees.
4. Coffins for vaults must be lined with lead or other metal approved by the Trustees, to be firmly and securely soldered, or may be covered in with concrete or cement, so as to prevent the escape of noxious gas.
5. All vaults must be kept in proper order and repair by the purchaser of the lot in which the vault is made, or his assignee. If at any time any vault shall become out of proper order or repair, the Trustees may give such purchaser, or his assigns, three months' notice to repair the same, by leaving such notice at his or their last known place of abode in the Colony of New Zealand. If such purchaser or his assigns fail to do, or cause to be done, the required repairs within the three months abovementioned, the Trustees may prohibit any further interment in such vault until such repairs shall have been made.page 4
6. The Trustees will undertake to keep any grave in order upon payment of the following fees, but in no case shall any other person be allowed to do any work on graves unless specially authorised by the Trustees. Fees for keeping private grave in order for one year:—Area, 8 x 4, 5s., or in proportion. Fees for keeping grave in order for all time:—Area, 8x4, each, £2 Ios.
7. Every grave, vault, tomb, monument, tombstone, wall, fence, or any other erection, shall be maintained and kept in thorough repair and proper condition by and at the expense of the owner.
8. All materials required in the completion of any stone or other work shall be fully prepared before being taken into the Cemetery; and all earth, stones, refuse, and rubbish remaining after any work is completed shall be removed at once.
9. No wall or fence shall be more than two feet high, and must be laid on concrete or stone foundations one foot below the surface.
10. No wooden fence shall be allowed.
11. No tree shall be planted on any grave; and no shrub or plant shall be allowed to grow to a greater height than three feet, and must be trimmed, removed, or cut down when ordered by the Trustees.
12. All fees and charges shall be paid when applications are made or orders given.
13. No burial shall be permitted to take place without a certificate from the Registrar of Deaths, or a Coroner, or a duly qualified medical practitioner, and without notification of the minister who is to officiate.
14. No interment shall be permitted in any private grave or vault without the production of the certificate, Schedule B, or other satisfactory evidence that the person desiring to bury therein is entitled to do so, except as provided for in next rule.
15. In the case of an application for interment in any private grave or vault, to which during life the deceased person had no claim, the written consent of the owner shall accompany the application.page 5
16. The Trustees shall cause all graves to be dug.
17. Orders for interment, in terms of Schedule C, shall be left at the Cemetery at least six working hours prior to the time fixed for the funeral.
18. Every grave for an adult shall be at least seven feet deep.
19. Every coffin shall have on the lid the name of the deceased.
20. The hours fixed for burials shall be:—From sunrise to sunset.
21. No smoking shall be allowed within the Cemetery.
22. No dogs shall be admitted into the Cemetery.
23. Any person violating the rules of propriety and decorum, or committing any nuisance or trespass, or injuring any tree, shrub, flower, border, or any erection, shall be prosecuted as the law directs.
24. No person shall be allowed to take any flower or plant out of the Cemetery.
25. A plan of the Cemetery, shewing situations and numbers of the graves, and a registry of all burials shall be kept at the Diocesan Office.