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He ture hei whakamana i te Kawana ki te whakahaere etahi tikanga me etahi ritenga kua takoto mo nga Karaati mo etahi whenua i te Takiwa o Mangonui, i te Porowini o Akarana. (30 o Akuhata, 1874.).

An Act to empower the Governor to carry out a certain engagement for Grants of Land situate in the Mongonui District of the Province of Auckland

[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]

An Act to empower the Governor to carry out a certain Title. engagement for Grants of Land situate in the Mongonui District of the Province of Auckland.

[31st August, 1874.]

Whereas certain Aboriginal Natives who were entitled to a Preamble. reserve of land which had been set apart for them in Taimaro Bay, in the Mongonui district of the Province of Auckland, made application to the Native Land Court for an investigation of their claim thereto, with a view to obtaining a certificate of title therefor: And whereas the said claim was accordingly heard and a certificate of title for such claim was issued to the Natives aforesaid by the Native Land Court, but it was discovered subsequent to the issue of the said certificate that in such certificate of title so issued to the aforesaid Natives there was included a very large section of country over and above the claim of the Natives, and which excess had previously to the hearing of the claim been acquired by the Crown:

And whereas at a meeting between the Natives above mentioned and William Bertram White, an Agent of the Crown, in the Mongonui district aforesaid, convened for the purpose of making some arrangement to rectify the error that had been made in the certificate of title, it was agreed by and between the parties, that in consideration of a grant from the Crown to the Natives aforesaid of ninety-nine acres at Taimaro Bay, and of a further grant to the said Natives of six hundred and forty-nine acres at Waimahana Bay, adjacent to the aforesaid Taimaro Bay, the said Natives would deliver up the aforesaid certificate of title for cancellation: And whereas in pursuance of the aforesaid agreement, the said Natives have accordingly surrendered the said certificate, and the same has been cancelled by a Judge of the Native Land Court: And whereas it is just and equitable that the promise page 338made on behalf of the Crown should be fulfilled, and it is expedient to give to the Governor power to grant the said lands to the persons entitled thereto respectively:

Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1.Short Title. The Short Title of this Act shall be "The Taimaro and Waimahana Grants Act, 1874."
2.Governor may grant lands in Schedule. It shall be lawful for the Governor, at any time after the passing of this Act, to execute Crown grants for the two pieces of land mentioned in the Schedule hereto in favour of the persons enumerated in the second column of the said Schedule, and set opposite the names of the said pieces of land respectively, subject to such conditions restrictions and limitations as to the alienation of the said lands as to the Governor in Council shall seem fit: Provided that the land hereby granted shall be accepted by the respective grantees in full satisfaction of any claims or rights they may have in the land comprised in the certificate of title so surrendered by them for cancellation as hereinbefore recited.
3.Cancellation of certificate validated. The cancellation by any Judge of the Native Land Court of the particular certificate of title surrendered by the Natives for such purpose as hereinbefore mentioned is hereby validated, and shall be deemed and taken to be, and to have been from the date of such cancellation, of good and valid effect for all purposes; and the land comprised in such certificate shall be freed and discharged of all claims and demands whatsoever by or on the part of the grantees, their representatives or assigns.