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Letter from William Thompson to His Excellency the Governor relative to terms of peace


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


Hakapuakanga, Peria, July 11th, 1861.

We were found at Peria by Wi Maihi.

Friends Mr. Bell and Mr. Fox, heads of the Runanga,—

Salutations to you two. Wi Maihi has come here, and we have heard his words, and his words are very good; but part of it belongs to us. Friends, great is the softness of the Chiefs (they will not resist) if perhaps length of time was given for thought, then good would come form it in our midst. Wi Tamihana has said that he will come to Auckland that he may disclose his intentions in your midst, and do you carefully consider the intention of his words. Perhaps he will take some time before he expresses them. Friends, do you be kind, and soft (not austere). "The sun is bright beyond."

Enough is my writing, from

Riri Wetini te Rau.

Perhaps we may come with Piripi to see your thoughts.