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Letter from William Thompson to His Excellency the Governor relative to terms of peace


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


Peria, July 11, 1861,

Friends, Mr. Bell and Mr. Fox,

Salutations to you, and to the Runanga of New Zealand, Friends, hearken! willia[gap — reason: damage] Thompson has for the first time spoken about going to town, to make his thoughts known to the Governor, that is, to his Runanga also. All the Chiefs of Waikato, must, however, first agree. It wi[gap — reason: damage] rest with them, either to consent to his going, or to detain him. However, his own opinion is that [gap — reason: damage] will not stay. This is another word. Be strong to keep down evil. Wiremu is seeking just [gap — reason: damage] for some means by which the Governor's thoughts may proceed quietly at this time. Enough.

From Te Tawahi.