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Further Papers Relative to The Native Insurrection


page 6


Ngaruawahia, October 3rd, 1863.

Listen, all tribes of this island. This is a proclamation according to the law of God and of man.

At the time of raising the King and his laws, his councils, his magistrates, and his chiefs, within the jurisdiction of this King were established laws held in esteem by the tribes of this island, resting on the Word of God. (They continued in force) up to the time of fighting, (when) these laws fell. The mode of falling was this:—He (the King) had no council, no magistrate, no policeman, no soldiers. This man, the King, was wandering about without place of abode. The place appointed for his abode was Ngaruawahia. His old council had been put aside, and the magistrates.

2.The law consents that (the King) should be restored to his dwelling at Ngaruawahia. This is the dwelling place of the King of this island.
3.The law consents that a learned council be established as a fountain-head for the laws of this island. If the King has a word to say, let it go before that council for them to consider. If judged right that council will write to all the chiefs and to the chiefs of the army also.
4.Let the magistrate attend to his work, because evil has spread among the people.
5.As for all the forces of this island, let them come to Ngaruawahia that there may be selected—
200 out of each 1,000
50 500
40 400
20 200
10 100
10 50

Listen all tribes, all chiefs. This is my word sent to all of you.

1.To all the tribes to occupy Meremere.
2.If a tribe wishes to go to any place, let it be sent with the consent of the tribe, and of the chief of the army; lest it go or remain in discontent. If consent is not give it must stay. The cause is consideration for the great day (of battle).
3.About property and food. Take all guns, powder, bullets, copper caps, cartouch boxes, coats, watches, money, rings, hats. These take. The things to leave on the body of the slain are shoes, stockings, shirt and trousers; leave these on his body.
4.Let the plunder of each tribe and of each man be brought to one heap. One for Waikato, one for Maniapoto, one for Ngatihaua, each having its own guardian.

Let the name of each man be written on the property (plundered by him). It will be marked with the King's seal. The only things which will be quickly delivered (to the man who took them) will be guns, powder, copper caps, and bullets; other property leave alone till the end, when his own will be restored to each man.

All these laws have been consented to publicly.