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Further Papers Relative to Native Affairs

[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]

To the Council.

Our love be with you. We salute you, the Council, in the love of our (common) Parent. At length is found a method of uniting our common interests; that is, of the inhabitants of this place. There is no other first cause of evil than that of land alone. Let the dark places (or sources of evil) amongst us be cleared up. Our consultations o this matter are ended, and this is the ending, namely:—that you Pakehas give us writings (Crown titles) to separate us from the contentions between us. If we come to a fair and mutual understanding in this Council on this one day, let it be made known to our friends who are suffering from the like evils, (that is to other tribes of the Island). Friends,—This will indeed be a healthy state of things. Two satisfactory results will arise from it. First, the writings (or Crown titles); and, second, the grass will have been thrown open by our bringing it (the grass) out from the hiding place where it is lying (alluding to the Native Land Purchase Ordinance). If our consultation be the means of getting (this thing) granted to us, is good: let it also be the same in all other places. Let the power of our words, and the safety (and prosperity) arising out of them be known to every man. This which we have fixed upon will be a means of settling difficulties (or contentions) here. And if any others see this—Pakeha or Maori— who are now living in a state of dissension and disagreement, let them follow our example, and let their ills be cured as ours.

Friends,—We have spoken of this good thing on one day (only), but let its beneficial influence extend over many days and years; let it be continued every day of our lives, and anything if occur to prevent its operation, let us together rectify it. This is a precautionary measure on our part for the benefit of all (of both races here).

If there be any other thing (law) of yours unrevealed (bearing on this question) you can shew it to us at a future period. That fault will not be ours. If you speak to us on this subject let all be said, leave nothing behind. We shall then indeed be safe (or rescued) fromthis source of danger and trouble. And as we have found a means of getting out of these difficulties, let also the men of other lands (or districts) enjoy the same advantages. Let our words on this matter be printed, so that they may be seen by two faces, heard by two ears, and adopted by two races.