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Proceedings of of the Kohimarama Conference, Comprising Nos. 13 to 18 of the "Maori Messenger."

Reply from Ngatipikiao

Reply from Ngatipikiao.

Kohimarama, July, 1860.

Father, the Governor,—

Salutations to you! On the 10th day of July we assembled before you to listen to the statement of your views and intentions, and we have seen that they are good. Enough upon that subject.

Father, the Governor,—We have consented that the Queen shall be our protection, in this our island of New Zealand, to guard us against the evil desires of the world. Father, we here attach ourselves to page 17 the Queen, who is the source of our wealth; but as to foolishly acknowledging this Maori King, we will not agree to that; and for this reason, that we have experienced great kindness at the hands of our Queen and of our Governor. Father, we will faithfully adhere to the Queen as a guardian for our children. Father, we are not able to speak to all the points you have set before us [in the address]: we can only say what we have already said.

And now, O Father, the Governor, we salute you! This is all we have to say to you.

From Te Riri Tuku Te Puehu, Rewi.