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Proceedings of of the Kohimarama Conference, Comprising Nos. 13 to 18 of the "Maori Messenger."

Reply from Parawhau. No. 3

Reply from Parawhau. No. 3.

Kohimarama, July 14th, 1860.

Friend, the Governor,—

Salutations to you! I have a word to say to you. I am patiently enduring the page 12 evils of this world. Some time ago, when my relatives fought against the Europeans, I did not rise up.

A little later, in a dispute about land (Manga Kahia), we were nigh to death, but we remembered the Government; we restrained ourselves and were saved. Again: a woman was this time the cause of dissension. She was carried of by Pene. I went to fetch that woman, for she belonged to me. But she was detained by Ngapuhi, and in the affair my young relative was killed; but we thought upon the Government, not upon this man, and left it to the laws.

After this, land (Te Wairoa) involved us in a quarrel, as you are aware. Paikea and Tirarau were at variance. We were again in danger, and again the recollection of the Government caused us to refrain, and we thus saved ourselves. Therefore, friend, Governor, these are the proofs of my forbearance with respect to the evils of the world, and of my respect for the laws of the Government.

Friend, the Governor. The Ngapuhi do not approve of this King who is being set up. All that we approve of is the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost—that is to say, the Queen, the Government, and the Law. This is all I have to say.

A Song:
No threat to strike
Has e'er escaped my lips.
The paddle's splashing sound
Is by Rehu, at the South.
The stream of hasty words
Hath now produced alarm.
But shall the fruitful tree
Be crippled in its growth?
Let the presence of thy body
Cheer the spirit of thy friend,
An I your returning feet
Be to me the token
Of your undying love.
From Kinikini I will dive
Into Mokau's lovely waters,
And thus the region enter
Of the departed spirits.
For vain is it to hold
In this my fond embrace
Beloved Morianuku!

My words are ended.
From your loving friend,
Taurau Te Terarau,

To the Governor.