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Proceedings of of the Kohimarama Conference, Comprising Nos. 13 to 18 of the "Maori Messenger."

[Reply from Tamati Hapimana Te Rangi]

page 39
There is now a dispute at Turanga with Mr. Read, a Pakeha. It is a dispute with the people to whom the young man, Tipuna, belonged. These are the names of the parties:—Hori Te Hika, and Rapata Whakapuhia. These are the men who oppose the good which the well-disposed try to effect. We believe that these people wished to lay hands upon Captain Read and rob him of a horse. On hearing of the design of that party, we published it abroad, that their proceedings might be put a stop to, for I had heard the particulars of the case respecting that young man.
I said, the wages due to Tipuna from Mr. Read amount to 3l. 0 0
To this sum Mr. Read added 2l. 0 0
5l. 0 0

This sum was added to conciliate the other party and the parents of the deceased. However they did not consent to accept that money from Mr. Read. Enough, I have now stated to you the particulars of this dispute for your information. We, the old men, discountenance the proceedings of those two men, in order that they may not work folly, but that the people may experience the benefits of living under one law. These are they who trample on the good words of the wise, and of the elders of the Church. Enough.

We have told you all that relates to our place. Do you regard these our words. I shall now recite a song.

Yonder is Matariki,
Star of the season,
Taking his rest.
He now sends a summons
For me to depart.
Overwhelm'd is my spirit,
And dark is my heart,
As I approach the chief
And look upon his carvings.
Bruis'd are my bones,
Consum'd is my flesh,
And my eyes, pluck'd out,
Are hanging from their sockets.
Utter now the incantation,
And lift high the offering—
For I shall soon depart
To a far and distant land.

Friend, Governor Browne,—

Let the name of this paper be "Matariki" [name of the Pleiades]. It is Matariki who page 40 brings together all kinds or food, and assembles the stars.

The Governor invited all the chiefs to assemble hither, therefore this name will be applicable to this paper when printed, viz., Matariki.

From your loving friend,

Tamati Hapimana Te Rangi, A teacher in the Church of England, under Bishop Williams.
To the Governor,