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Proceedings of of the Kohimarama Conference, Comprising Nos. 13 to 18 of the "Maori Messenger."

Reply from Ngatiraukawa

Reply from Ngatiraukawa,

[Kohimarama,] Otaki [place of abode]. Friend, the Governor.—

I thank the Queen for the love she has shown in sending the Ministers and Bishops to save this island. On their arrival here they found the Maori people eating one another. By Christianity they were saved. I will say no more about that.

Friend, the Governor,—I do not question the truth of your words, because I perceive that they are right. They are right, inasmuch as there have been many payments made for that land. The wrong now rests with the Maories. This is to ask you to send a surveyor to survey our lands, that there may be no disputing amongst us. I would also speak to you about the color [flag]. Should you become offended at it, you will perhaps send the soldiers, and wish me also to become a soldier. I shall not consent, for it was through fear of such an event happening that I came here to you. Should you attach no importance to that flag, do you appoint police to protect the stores at Otaki. I have also a word to say about the wants of the body:—that you should let us have powder, shot, and caps.

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I have another word to you, O Governor, or rather to your surveyors. I am going to find fault with those who purchase the land. The fault is here. You have agreed as to the correctness of our weighing the wheat and potatoes and every thing else, but when we express a desire to have the land weighed, the land purchasers will not consent. This is where you do wrong. You are blinding our eyes with respect to the land.

With reference to what you said at the first, I will mention the forbearance of Ngatiraukawa, on the occasion of the fight at Wairau, the arrest of Rauparaha, and the dissensions among Ngatiapa and Te Raneiri—the people who have provoked us. The Ngatiraukawa were not pleased with their deeds. These thoughts are ended.


Te Moroati Kiharoa.