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Proceedings of of the Kohimarama Conference, Comprising Nos. 13 to 18 of the "Maori Messenger."

Reply from Te Tawera

Reply from Te Tawera.

July 13th, 1860.

(Clause) 6.—Yes, we will not conceal evil things if we detect them. Listen to what I have to say to you. You will know how to act, for you are a wise people at finding means for the correction of our errors, which we submit to be dealt with by the laws of the Queen, our sovereign. Hearken! I am willing that my property and my land should be guarded by the law of our Queen, that evil doers should be punished—whether chiefs or slaves, let them be given up to you for their misdeeds,—and that disputes should be amicably arranged according to the law of our Lord in Heaven. Another thing: let anger not be hastily stirred, but let there be forbearance. Do not be in haste to go to war. Let the Waikato follow their own devices. It is want of knowledge which has led them to set up a King for themselves to usurp the Queen's sovereignty. Another thing: let us not be too ready to lake up this matter, lest it bring us into trouble. Hearken! In my opinion, you do well to be on your guard, for this thing is trampling upon your authority. Father, salutations to you, the father of the people of this page 22 island, the father of the orphan, the widow, the sick, and of the Pakeha and Maori children!

(Clause) 10.—Yes, your thoughts are just. I agree with your good words to your children who are separated for you, and have been joined to the English, that the protection of the Queen may overshadow us for ever and ever.

(Clause) 11.—I am rejoiced that my land should come back to me. Yes; I have been to the Court to seek justice. It was in 1859. It was about my vessel, and I saw there how the Law worked.

It is well that we should adhere to the Queen as our parent and our head for ever. Let the Pakeha be united with the Maori; let us be grafted into the good olive. Here is another word. It was ignorance that caused blood to flow in New Zealand; therefore let ignorance be put down. This is another word: it refers to the Pakeha. These words of the Pakehas cause great offence. They say, "No good the Maori; go outside." Persons merely passing are sworn at. This is a bad custom of the Pakehas living in our various settlements. There are many other offences committed by Pakehas and Maories. This causes ill feeling. Your thoughts turn one way, and ours another, and thus we become separated. The words of our Heavenly Father are, "I have great and continual sorrow in my heart." This is my acknowledgment of our offences: murder, land-taking, adultery, swearing, deceit, wrangling, upstast pride, malice, theft, witchcraft, railing, anger, lying, and provocation. Enough, it is ended. We are not competent to form a judgment respecting your thoughts and the views you have made known to us, for we are ignorant people, and cannot take upon ourselves to scrutinize your laws or the good regulations that you have set up in Auckland. Listen to the Word of God;—"Agree with thine adversary while thou art in the way with him." This is another word to you: I see no fault in you, or in the written speech which you have sent to us. Enough, my ideas are exhausted.

From Tamati Hapimana,
Of Tapuika, Tawera,
Son of Rongotoa.