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Proceedings of of the Kohimarama Conference, Comprising Nos. 13 to 18 of the "Maori Messenger."

Reply from Ngatiawa (of Te Awa-o-te-Atua)

Reply from Ngatiawa (of Te Awa-o-te-Atua).

Kohimarama, July 14, 1860.

My Father, the Governor,—

Salutations to you! I have arrived in Auckland and have seen you. I have heard your words. They are very good. I appreciate them very highly. Therefore. O Father, I am greatly rejoiced at this expression of your views and intentions. How- page 21 ever, still, O father, there is something wrong. I refer to these two things;—the Taranaki affair, and the proceedings of Waikato. These cause doubt in the mind, for I am a Maori.

With reference to the proceedings of Waikato: had the course you are now following been adopted sooner, this project of Waikato would not have stood. It was because you had no remedy for evils arising among the Maories themselves that some of the tribes have sought by means of this King project (to create an authority) which should deal with these evils of the Maories connected with the lands and every thing else. Now, hear me! I have not joined myself to you, neither have I joined myself to the King. I have been standing aloof from both hitherto, but now I intend to join myself to you, and every thing I have. For now only for the first time have I heard your name—now, this very day. I have no other thought than to approve and to make good your words. Enough.

From me—from your friend,
Te Makarini, (Ngatiawa,) of Te Awa-o-te-Atua.