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Proceedings of of the Kohimarama Conference, Comprising Nos. 13 to 18 of the "Maori Messenger."

Intelligence Canterbury

Intelligence Canterbury.

On the 26th of June last, Hohepa, Nopera, and all the other chiefs of the Ngatitoa tribe, wrote a letter to the Ngaituahuriri, of Canterbury, to recommend them to abide by the "clear laws of our mother, Queen Victoria, who is the nourisher of both the whites and the Maories." On receipt of this letter, the natives of Canterbury met at Rapaki to consider the contents, thereof; and they all came to the resolution to be like the Ngatitoa, and "cleave to the laws of the Queen by which they have become men."

Afterwards they gave a token of their good feeling towards the whites "who are living on the land covered with darkness, that is Taranaki." They beard that many of them are in distress, their property having been destroyed by the spoiler—and that their friends the white people of Canterbury were collecting money to assist the aged, the women, and the children: and they thought they would do the same. Accordingly, at Kaiapoi they collected 10l. 14s., at Rapaki 1l. 14s. 6d., at Port Levy 4l. 7s.; and other villages are doing the same thing but have not yet reported the amount. But because some of the Europeans suspected them of an intention to go to Taranaki, to join those who are in arms, they were grieved and page 3 desired a public meeting, that they might have an opportunity of expressing their thoughts on this subject in the hearing of the whites, and removing their suspicion. The authorities have consented to this and appointed the 13th day of September next for an assembly of Europeans and Maories, at Christchurch, for the purpose of uniting the more closely the two races—that they may be as elder and younger brothers, living in mutual affection and obedient to the laws of the Queen.