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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]

Nomination of Committee

Nomination of Committee.


In and by the aforesaid order of incorporation the Court shall direct a general meeting of proprietors to be held at a time and place to be therein named, for the purpose of nomination a Committee and fixing the number of its members.

The time for the holding of such general meeting shall be not sooner than twenty-eight nor later than forty-two days after the day of the making of the order.

9.The Committee shall consist of not less than three nor more than seven persons, the majority of whom must be proprietors.
10.Candidates for nomination shall be proposed by one or more proprietors in writing, in the form following—that is to say:—

"Proposal-paper for Nomination.

"I [or We], being a proprietor [or proprietors] in the corporate body styled 'The Proprietors of,' hereby propose for nomination as member [or members] of the Committee the following person [or persons]:—

[Here state full names of candidates, being not more than seven.]

"The nominations will be made at the general meeting of proprietors, to be held at, on, 18.

"Dated this, 18.

"(Signatures of proprietors.)

"(Signature of witness.)"

11.No proposal-paper shall contain the names of more than seven candidates, and every signature thereto of a proprietor shall be attested as hereinafter provided.
12.Every proposal-paper shall be lodged with the Court at least fourteen days before the day appointed for the general meeting; and every proposal-paper not complying with these regulations shall be informal and void.
13.So soon as the last day for lodging proposal-papers has expired, the Court or the Registrar thereof shall prepare and publish in the Gazette and Kahiti a list containing the names of all the candidates so proposed for nomination.page 6
14.At the said general meeting the proprietors present in person or by proxy shall appoint one of their number to be Chairman, who shall conduct the business of the meeting, and have a deliberative as well as a casting-vote.
15.Every proprietor shall have one vote, and all questions shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the proprietors present in person or by proxy at the meeting.
16.The said meeting shall, in manner aforesaid, determine the number of members to constitute the Committee, and shall then nominate the requisite number from the aforesaid list.
17.For the purpose of such nomination, each proprietor so present as aforesaid shall be supplied with a voting-paper containing the full names of all the candidates, and shall vote by striking out the names of all the candidates for whom he does not desire to vote.
18.He may strike out any number of names, and must strike out all in excess of the total number to be nominated, or his voting-paper will be invalid.
19.The valid votes shall then be counted by the Chairman and two scrutineers appointed in that behalf by the meeting, and the candidates receiving the largest number of votes shall be deemed to be nominated.
20.A list of the persons so nominated as aforesaid shall be forthwith prepared and lodged in the Court by the Chairman, and the Court shall by order appoint them as the Committee.
21.Every order appointing a Committee or any member thereof shall be published in the Gazette and Kahiti, and such publication shall be conclusive evidence of the validity of the appointment.
22.The foregoing regulations numbered 10 to 21 shall apply to every nomination of a Committee or of any member thereof by the proprietors in general meeting.