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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]

(2.) Leases

(2.) Leases.

79.Lands may be leased either by tender or public auction, as the Committee, with the consent referred to in clause 87 of these regulations, may think fit for any term not exceeding thirty years.page 15
80.All leases made by the Committee on behalf of the corporation shall be made as nearly as may be, in accordance with the regulations in force from time to time in regard to Crown lands, provided that residence shall not be compulsory. No payment for surveys shall be claimed in advance, and the individual areas of holdings in special settlements may be increased by one-half.
81.With respect to every lease,—
(1.)The Public Trustee shall be a party, but without entering into any covenant or incurring any liability, express or implied;
(2.)All the covenants and conditions on the lessee's part shall be expressed to be in favour of the Public Trustee, upon whom also shall be conferred all the powers of re-entry, distress, and other the powers and authorities usually conferred upon a lessor;
(3.)The instrument of lease shall be submitted to the Minister, the Public Trustee, and the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the district in which the land is situate, for their approval before execution.
82.Plans according to Survey regulations shall be prepared of all lands proposed to be leased, as also the terms and conditions of the leases. Such plans, terms, and conditions shall be exhibited at the office of the corporation during at least one month before the auction is to be held or tenders are to be received.
83.Notice of such plans, terms, and conditions being open for inspection, and of the date upon which the auction will be held, or until which the tenders will be received, as the case may be, shall be published in two successive numbers of the Gazette and Kahiti, and once in each of two consecutive weeks in a newspaper published or circulating in the district, the first of such publications to take place prior to the exhibition of such plans and conditions. Copies of all such plans, terms, and conditions, as and when prepared, shall be forwarded to the Minister.
84.The Committee, with the consent of a majority of the proprietors in general meeting, may set apart one or more portions of land as sites for special settlements, on the terms specified in "The Land Act, 1892," and regulations made thereunder, and may call for applications for such land from associations.
85.The Committee, with the consent of a majority of the proprietors in general meeting, shall have power to include in any lease a covenant by the corporation for page 16payment in full of valuations of improvements at the expiration of such lease; and the Public Trustee may set apart each year such portion of the yearly rental as he thinks necessary as sinking funds for the purpose of providing a fund to pay for such improvements. All such sinking funds shall be held and invested by the Public Trustee.