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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]

Incorporation of Owners

Incorporation of Owners.


Application for incorporation shall be made to the Court by petition, signed by all or not less than seven of the owners of the land.

Such petition shall set out the acreage and boundaries of the land, and the names of all the owners.

3.The prescribed consent of the majority of the owners may be given by memorandum in writing, attested as hereinafter provided.
4.Where the Crown has acquired a right or interest in a block of land in respect of which the owners desire to petition for incorporation the owners may apply to the Minister to ascertain and separate the right or interest of the Crown to the intent that the residue of the block may be made the subject of a petition for incorporation.
5.The order of the Court constituting the owners of any land a body corporate shall set forth the acreage and boundaries of the land and the names of the proprietors.
6.Such order shall be published in the Gazette and Kahiti by the Registrar of the Court making the order, and such publication shall be conclusive evidence that the prescribed consent has been duly given, and that the incorporation is valid.
7.Upon payment of all Court fees owing in respect of the land or any part thereof the Registrar shall forward such order, or a sealed duplicate thereof, to the District Land Registrar of the district in which is situate the land affected thereby; and the District Land Registrar shall register the same, and issue a certificate of title for the land in favour of page 5the corporation, and shall (where necessary) call in and cancel all existing Crown grants, certificates, or instruments of title. All fees theretofore owing or then payable in respect of the land or any part thereof shall be paid by the Committee, who shall charge the same against the shares of the proprietors for whom such payments are made.