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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]



1. In these Rules and Regulations, if not inconsistent with the context,—

"Alienation" means any sale, lease, contract, or other disposition, absolute or limited, mortgage, charge, lien, or encumbrance:

"Court" means the Native Land Court:

"Committee " means the Committee to be nominated and appointed pursuant to "The Native Land Court Act, 1894":

"Minister" means the Minister of Native Affairs:

"Mortgage" includes charge, lien, or encumbrance:

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"Owner" includes a grantee named in a Crown grant, a person registered as proprietor under "The Land Transfer Act, 1885", a person named as owner in any memorial of ownership or certificate of title or order issued by the Court, a person registered in the Court under the provisions of the seventeenth section of "The Native Land Act, 1867," a person found by any Court of competent jurisdiction to be beneficially interested under any trust, and any person holding under a will or declared to be the successor to a deceased owner:

"Proprietor" means a corporate owner:

"Resolution" means any resolution passed by a majority in number of the proprietors present personally or by proxy at any general meeting and voting on such resolution.