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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]



136.The period of three months prescribed by Rule No. 61 of the regulations of the 19th February, 1895, as the period to elapse from the date of any Judgment before the signing and sealing of the order thereon, is hereby altered to two months from the date of the delivery of such judgment, or such other time as the Chief Judge shall direct.
137.Rule No. 64 of the regulations of the 19th February, 1895, is hereby revoked. Rule No. 61 shall be read as if the words, "or, if notice of appeal has been given, until such appeal has been finally disposed of," had been omitted therefrom.
138.Where no fee is charged on the making of any order, the Clerk of the Court, in drawing up such order, shall take care that the word "No fee payable" are noted thereon.
139.All orders made in exercise of jurisdiction under section 17 of the Act shall be expressed to be made under page 5the provisions of that section, and shall be headed accordingly.