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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]

Form No. 40

Form No. 40.

Order imposing Penalty on a Witness.*If the offence be refusing to give evidence when present in Court, use Form No. 41.

In the Native Land Court, New Zealand.

In the matter of [same as in the summons].

Whereas, by a summons dated the day of,189, under the hand of J.S., one of the Judges of the said Court, A.B., of, was summoned to appear at the sitting of the Court at, on the day of, 189, at the hour of in the noon, to give evidence in the said matter, and then and there to have page 53and produce to the Court [State documents required to be produced], and all other books, deeds, papers, and writings relating to the said matter in his possession or under his control; and the said summons was served personally on the said A.B. [or with the leave of the said Judge by (State mode of service authorised)], at, by C.D., of, on the day of, 189, who then and there paid [or tendered] to the said A.B. the sum of £ as and for his expenses, such sum being according to the scale made by the rules of the said Court in that behalf: And whereas the said A.B. neglected [or failed], without sufficient cause, to appear as required [or to produce (State document) the same being a (document) relating to the said matter, and in his possession (or under his control)]:† And whereas the said A.B. has been afforded opportunity to show cause why he should not be fined, and has failed to satisfy me, the said: Now I, the said, do hereby adjudge the said A.B., for his said neglect [or failure, or refusal], to forfeit and pay the sum of [not exceeding £20], to be paid and applied according to law; and, if the said sum be not paid forthwith, I,, adjudge the said A.B. to be imprisoned in the common gaol at, in the Provincial District of, for the space of [not exceeding fourteen days], unless the said sum shall be sooner paid.

As witness my hand and the seal of the Court, this day of, 189., Judge.