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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]




No person other than a barrister or solicitor of the Supreme Court shall be allowed to appear in Court or to institute any proceeding on behalf of any other person unless licensed as hereinafter provided.

The foregoing rule shall not apply to any trustee acting in his capacity as such, nor to any person whom the presiding Judge may allow to appear and act on behalf of a wife, child, or other near relative.

108.A general license shall be in Form No. 43, and may be granted by the Chief Judge to any person whom he may consider a fit person to hold the same. Such license shall be annual on payment of £5 per annum, and shall expire on the 31st December in each year.
109.A special license empowering the person named therein to appear and act in any particular case may be granted by the Judge before whom such case is to be heard on payment of £1.
110.A list of all persons holding general licenses shall be kept in the office of the Registrar at Wellington, and shall be published from time to time in the Gazette and Kahiti.
111.Every license granted as aforesaid may, for just cause, be revoked at any time by the Chief Judge or by the Judge granting the same.
112.Every person signing any application, notice, or other document, or instituting any proceeding as an agent, must file with the Registrar an authority in writing, signed by the person on whose behalf he claims to act. Such authority may be either general or in respect of some partioular matter. A general authority will hold good until revoked by notice in writing to the Registrar.
113.Every such authority signed or given by a Native must Maori language, or must have indorsed thereon page 16the certificate of a licensed interpreter, in accordance with Rule No. 2.