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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]

Confirmation of Alienations

Confirmation of Alienations.

51.Application to the Court to confirm any alienation shall be in Form No. 30, having the proper fee-stamps affixed. page 8Before any such application is notified for hearing, the instrument in respect of which the same is made must be lodged with the Registrar.
52.The Registrar shall thereupon cause such application to be notified for hearing at the first convenient sitting of the Court, and shall on request supply the applicant with printed copies of such notice for service on all persons interested in the subject-matter of the application.
53.The Court may in all cases require personal service of such notice to be proved to the satisfaction of the Court by declaration or otherwise before proceeding with the application: Provided that the Court may in any case dispense with personal service if satisfied that sufficient notice has been given.
54.It shall be incumbent on the applicant to supply the Court with all necessary information as to the title to the land the subject of such application, and to furnish the Court with such certified copies of or extracts from the Land and Deeds Register or the records of the Native Land Court as may be requisite for that purpose.
55.A declaration in the Form No. 31 made by any Native signing the instrument the subject of such application may, at the discretion of the Court, be received as evidence of the facts therein stated or any of them, but it shall not be obligatory on the Court to receive such evidence.
56.The confirmation order shall be in Form No. 32, and shall be indorsed on the instrument in respect of which such confirmation is granted. The instrument shall then be returned to the Registrar for delivery to the person entitled.
57.When an order of confirmation is refused a memorandum of such refusal, signed by the Judge, shall be transmitted with the instrument to the Registrar, and shall be recorded on the register. The Registrar shall, before returning such instrument, note thereon a reference to the entry in the register recording such refusal.
58.No confirmation order shall be signed or sealed until after the expiration of fourteen days from the granting thereof by the Court, or, if notice of appeal has been given, until such appeal has been finally disposed of.