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[Collected Rules and Regulations of the Native Land Court, in English and Māori]



41.Any two Natives owning land in severalty, or owning undivided interests in different blocks, or in different subdivisions of the same block, and being desirous of effecting page 7an exchange, may make application in Form No. 23, or application may be made to exchange land held in severalty for an undivided interest.
42.An application for exchange must be signed by each applicant personally, and be attested.
43.If the Registrar shall be satisfied that each of the applicants is the owner of the land or undivided interest in respect of which he makes application, and that the land is not subject to any restriction on alienation other than such as is removable by the Court, the Registrar shall proceed to notify such application for hearing in the manner provided with regard to applications generally.
44.The Court shall thereupon proceed to make the inquiry directed by the Act, and such other inquiry as it shall deem necessary, and if it shall appear to the Court that effect should be given to such exchange the Court shall make its order in favour of each of the applicants in Form No. 24.
45.If both the parcels of land to be exchanged are subject to the like restriction on alienation no order imposing or removing restrictions shall be necessary, but, until removed, the original restrictions shall remain. Restrictions imposed or existing in respect of exchanged land shall be notified in the order of exchange.
46.An application by the Governor for exchange of Crown land for land owned by Natives may be in Form No. 25.