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Ture Whakahaere Rahui Maori



22.Natives over seventeen years may give valid discharges for moneys.
23.No Native owner to alienate except by will in favour of a Native.
24.The Public Trustee not to be liable except for wilful neglect, default, or omission. Expenses incurred to be chargeablo on land in respect of which they arise.
25.Conditions regulating actions or proceedings against the Public Trustee.
26.Lands may be taken under "The Public Works Act, 1882."
27.Public Trustee may appoint person to receive moneys payable to Native owner who is under any disability.
28.Governor may make regulations.
29.Public Trustee to keep a register showing the names of Native owners.
30.Native Land Court to forward to Public Trustee duplicate of orders of Court respecting lands.
31.Receipt of person named in register to discharge Public Trustee of all liability.
32.Public Trustee may require Native Land Court to determine interests of Native owners.
33.Public Trustee may require Native Land Court to ascertain title to land. Proviso that no partition without consent of Public Trustee.
34.Native Land Court to have jurisdiction over land, but subject to this Act.
35.Governor may make special regulations for practice and procedure under Act of Native Land Court.
36.Investment of moneys not being income, and distribution of income.
37.Public Trustee to become trustee in place of all trustees under "The Maori Real Estate Management Act, 1888."
38.Governor may by warrant direct District Land Registrar to issue to Public Trustee certificate of title.
39.Any person under disability to be bound by Contract or obligation authorised by Act.
40.Validation of leases heretofore granted by Public Trustee.
41.Public Trustee may accept surrender of any lease for purpose of subdivision of land.
42.Accounts of Public Trustee to be prepared, and laid with report before the General Assembly.
43.Disqualification Acts not to apply to Natives appointed under this Act.page 2
44.Governor in Council may extend period for performing of any act, matter, or thing required by this Act.
45.Exemption from payment of land-or incometax.
46.Exemption from assessment by local authority.
47.Seventeen years to be deemed of full age.
48.No covenants in conveyance, &o., by Public Trustee to be implied against him.
49.District Land Registrar to register without production of Crown grant.