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Ture Whakahaere Rahui Maori

Form. — Declaration on taking a Lease of a Small Grazing-run under Part IV

Declaration on taking a Lease of a Small Grazing-run under Part IV.

I, A.B., do solemnly and sincerely declare—

1.That I am of the age of seventeen years and upwards.
2.That I am the person who, subject to the provisions of "The Land Act, 1892," am desirous of becoming the purchaser [or am desirous of becoming the transferee] of a lease of the pastoral lands, being all that piece of land [Here describe land with sufficient particularity as to identify it.]page 35
3.That I am purchasing such lease solely for my own use and benefit, and not directly or indirectly for the use or benefit of any other person or persons whatsoever
4.That I am not already the holder of any lease of pastoral lands in any part of the colony, nor have I any interest in any such lease.
5.That I do not own any freehold land, or land held by lease or license of any kind whatever, anywhere in the colony, either by myself or jointly with any other person, which, exclusive of the land I am now purchasing the lease of, will exceed in area 1,000 acres.

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of an Act of the General Assembly of New Zealand intituled "The Justices of the Peace Act, 1882."


Declared at, this day of, 189, before me, a Justice of the Peace in and for the Colony of New Zealand.