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Ture Whakahaere Rahui Maori

Part VI. — Licenses for cutting Timber, Flax, and other Purposes

Part VI.
Licenses for cutting Timber, Flax, and other Purposes.

72/ 222.The Public Trustee may issue licenses, in forms to be by the Public Trustee prescribed, upon such terms and conditions as the Public Trustee thinks fit, authorising the holders to occupy, for any period not exceeding seven years from the granting thereof, not exceeding eighty acres of land in any case, for any of the undermentioned purposes, namely:—
  • Cutting, telling, or removing timber or bark;
  • Cutting or removing flax;
  • Digging for gum;
  • Removal of clay for bricks or pottery;
  • Removal of sand, gravel, or stone;
  • Removal of guano or other substances;
  • Working of quarries;
  • Sites for saw-mills, flour-mills, flax-mills;
  • Sites for tanneries, fellmongers' yards;
  • Sites for slaughteryards, brick-kilns;
  • Sites for potteries, ferries, jetties;
  • Sites in thinly-inhabited districts for inns and accommodation-houses;
  • Sites for tramways and for rope-walks.
73/ 226.The Public Trustee, in his discretion, may issue provisional licenses to occupy any rural land not exceeding two hundred acres for any of the purposes mentioned in section two hundred and twenty-two, for any term not exceeding three years, and the holder of a provisional license may at any time during the currency of the license apply for and, if the Public Trustee see no objection thereto, obtain a lease of the lands held under such license; and such lease shall be granted for any term not exceeding twenty-one years, at such annual rental, in such form, and subject to such conditions as the Public Trustee may determine.
74/ 227.The Public Trustee may, on the application of any saw-mill proprietor or other person, set aside any block or blocks of timber land, not exceeding in the whole six hundred acres, of which licenses of sections not exceeding two hundred acres each, having regard to the quality of the timber, may be granted to the applicant in terms of the last-preceding section, subject to such conditions as may from time to time be prescribed by regulations.

No license beyond the first shall be issued except on the certificate of some person appointed in that behalf by the Public Trustee, that the marketable timber has been properly cut and cleared off the section previously licensed.

All such timber licenses shall, if the Public Trustee thinks fit, contain a provision to the effect that young marketable-timber trees, not fewer in number than the trees felled by the licensee, shall be properly planted on the area under license.

75/ 229.Any unlicensed person occupying or using any lands vested in the Public Trustee for any of the purposes before mentioned in this Part of this Act shall, on conviction thereof, be liable to a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds, to be recoverable in a summary way, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month.