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Ture Whakahaere Rahui Maori

Leases of Small Areas

Leases of Small Areas.

52/ 61.Notwithstanding anything in this Act, the Public Trustee may from time to time set apart for lease with right of renewal, as provided by this Part of this Schedule, portions of rural lands not exceeding fifty acres each, to be open to all persons by tender to the Public Trustee in such manner as it thinks fit.
(1.)Every tenderer shall, with his tender, enclose a statutory declaration in the form referred to in section sixty-two of this Schedule, or to the effect thereof, the form being amended to suit the case, and shall also deposit the amounts stated in the aforesaid section.
(2.)If more persons than one tender whose tenders are equal for the same allotment, the right shall be determined by lot, in manner as the Public Trustee shall direct.
(3.)Renewals of leases of land set apart as aforesaid shall be made as in other cases of leases under this Part of this Schedule.

Every lease under this provision shall be for a term of twenty-one years, renewable from time to time as hereinafter provided.

No lessee shall, either solely or jointly with any other person or in partnership, under this provision hold more than fifty acres. Any lease so held shall be absolutely void.

The rent shall not be less than five per centum per annum upon the value of the land, not being less than shillings per acre.

Except as hereinbefore mentioned, all the provisions of this Act shall apply in respect of land taken up under this section.


53/ 159.Any lessee may, with the consent of the Public Trustee, surrender the lands comprised in his lease, upon such terms as the Public Trustee thinks fit. It page 30shall not be competent for the surrendering lessee for the period of one year from the date of such surrender to become the lessee of the new lease, either originally or by transfer or sub-lease, in case there should be any other applicant for such new lease, unless the Public Trustee consents in writing thereto.