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Ture Whakahaere Rahui Maori

Compulsory Residence:

Compulsory Residence:

46/ 141.Residence on any land under this Part of this Schedule shall be compulsory, and shall commence in bush-lands or on swamp-lands within four years, and in open or partly open land within one year from the date of the commencement of the term; and thereafter such residence shall he continuous for a term or ten years.

But these conditions of residence shall not apply to any person who has acquired an interest in any lease under an intestacy or by will.

Where two or more persons are lessees under one lease, then—

(1.)One of the lessees only shall be required to reside on the land; but in all other respects each lessee shall be subject to the same conditions, limitations, restrictions, and disqualifications as prescribed in the case of any one lessee.
(2.)Any lessee in a joint lease may transfer his interest in the land to a colessee or to some other person, as provided in section one hundred and forty-seven; and, in the event of the death of a lessee in a joint application, the executors or administrators shall have the same powers to transfer the land of the deceased lessee as is provided in the case of the decease of any lessee.
47/ 142.The Public Trustee may dispense with residence if the lessee reside and continue to reside on lands contiguous to the lands held under lease. Lands shall be deemed to be contiguous to each other if only separated by a road or stream, or by such interval of space as the Public Trustee may determine in each case.
48/ 143.Personal residence may also be dispensed with by the Public Trustee in the cases hereinafter mentioned:—
(1.)Whenever two persons, being lessees under separate leases, have intermarried at some period not sooner than twelve months after the issue of the last of such leases, the Public Trustee may dispense with residence page 29upon the land comprised in one of such leases, and residence on the land in one of such leases as shall be required by the Public Trustee shall be deemed to be personal residence as regards both leases.
(2.)The Public Trustee shall have a discretionary power to dispense with personal residence on sufficient and satisfactory grounds being shown for non-residence in any case whatever.