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Ture Whakahaere Rahui Maori

Valuation for Improvements

Valuation for Improvements.

9/ 72.Whenever lands vested in the Public Trustee are to be disposed of subject to a payment of the valuation of the improvements made on such lands, such valuation shall, in all cases where it is not otherwise provided by this Act, be made one month at least before the expiry of the existing lease (if any), in such manner as the Public Trustee shall direct; or

Whenever a lease is forfeited for breach of conditions the Public Trustee shall cause a valuation to be made of the improvements made on the land comprised in the lease by the lessee on recovering possession of the land; and

Payment of such valuation shall be made to the Public Trustee, by the purchaser of such lease, before he is admitted into possession.

10/ 73.Notwithstanding anything contained in the last-preceding section, the Public Trustee may reduce the original valuation of the land or the valuation of improvements upon any land which cannot be disposed of by reason of the aforesaid valuation being deemed excessive, and the Public Trustee may from time to time offer such land for leasing, with such reduction of the original valuation as he may deem expedient.

And no person shall have any claim against the Public Trustee, or any other body or person whatsoever, by reason of any reduction of such valuation.

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11/ 74.The amount of the valuation of the improvements, when paid by the aforesaid purchaser, shall, if approved by the Public Trustee, be paid to the original lessee, or other person entitled, less any moneys due in respect of such land by the outgoing lessee or occupier, and, in case of forfeiture, less also the amount of expenses incurred in recovering possession of the land and the sale or other disposal thereof.
12/ 75.Whenever improvements have been made on any land the value of which ought, in the opinion of the Public Trustee, to be paid to the lessee or occupant thereof, the Public Trustee may provide that any person who acquires such land by lease from the Public Trustee shall pay to the Public Trustee such value.
13/ 77.No outgoing lessee or occupier shall have any right or claim against the Public Trustee in respect of the value of any improvements made by him in case any person shall fail to pay such value to the Public Trustee; but may sue for the value of such improvements, and take all proceedings for the recovery thereof, in the name of the Public Trustee, on giving an indemnity to the satisfaction of a Judge of the Supreme Court against costs.