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Hoko Whakawhiwhi Whenua Maori.

A Bill Intituled

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A Bill Intituled

Title. An Act to authorise the Acquisition of Land owned by Natives for the Purpose of Land-settlement.
Preamble. Whereas at least seven million acres of land, principally situated in the North Island of the colony, owned by Natives, are lying waste 5 and unproductive, and, in the interest of the Natives and of Her Majesty's other subjects in the colony, and more especially for the extension of settlement, it is necessary that such land should be made available for disposal under the land laws of the colony: And whereas the existing law for extinguishing by purchase the Native 10 titie over a large proportion of such land fails to afford adequate means for supplying the rapidly increasing demand for land for settlement purposes, and great injury is thereby occasioned, and the progress of colonisation is retarded, and it is therefore necessary to provide further and other means by which lands owned by Natives 15 may be acquired for the purpose of disposal under the land laws of the colony:

Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:— 20

1.Short Title.The Short Title of this Act is "The Native Land Purchase and Acquisition Act, 1893."
2.Interpretation.In this Act, if not inconsistent with the context,—
  • "Board" means the Board constituted by this Act:
  • "Land" includes any share, estate, or interest therein:25
  • "Minister" means the Minister for Lands:
  • "Native hereditaments" shall be deemed to mean land owned by Natives the title to which is ascertained by the Native Land Court, and includes land owned by Natives under any title whatever, but does not include Native land as 30 hereafter defined until the title thereto has been ascertained, or any land owned by Natives originally purchased from the Crown or from any person or corporation:
  • "Native lands" means lands owned by Natives under their customs or usages, but of which the ownership has not been 35 ascertained by the Native Land Court:
  • "Natives" means aboriginal natives of New Zealand, and includes half-castes and their descendants:
  • "Owners" means Native owhers:
  • "The Native Land Court" means the Native Land Court 40 constituted under "The Native Land Court Act, 1886":
  • "The Native Land Court Act, 1886," means that Act and all amendments, and any Act passed in substitution for that Act.
3.Native Land Purchase Board.For the purposes hereinafter provided there shall be a Board, 45 styled the "Native Land-purchase Board," which shall consist of—
(1.)Its constitution.The Surveyor-General;
(2.)The Commissioner of Taxes;
(3.)The Commissioner of Crown Lands for the district under "The Land Act, 1892," within which any land is situated 50 proposed to be acquired under this Act;