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Hoko Whakawhiwhi Whenua Maori.





1.Short Title.
3.Native Land Purchase Board. Its constitution.
4.Areas to be proclaimed.
5.Governor may acquire Native hereditaments and Native land.
6.Governor may require Board to report upon the character of the land proposed to be acquired, its suitableness for settlement, and its value. Appointment of valuers.
7.Upon receipt of report, Governor in Council may by notice require owners to elect within time specified either to sell and convey land to Her Majesty, or to consent to its being leased under Land Act. Contents of notice. Its publication.
8.Form and manner of election.
9.When election to be binding.
10.Upon election to sell and convey land to Her Majesty, Governor may by Order in Council declare same to be vested in Her Majesty. Effect of order. Registration.
11.Upon election that land be leased under Land Act, Governor by Order in Council to declare same to be Crown land, subject to trust for Native owners. Effect of Order in Council. Land may be leased accordingly. Application of rents and income.
12.Owners of more than one-half of shares in land, or, where same undetermined, majority in numher of owners, may, any time before expiry of time limited, for election, convey and surrender such land to Her Majesty at value fixed by Board. Such conveyance or surrender to bind all owners.
13.Governor in Council may direct Native Land Court to ascertain title to Native land proposed to be acquired. Proceedings of Native Land Court thereon.
14.Land which may not be acquired under this Act.
15.When Natives whose shares or interests in land acquired hereunder by Her Majesty in fee-simple have no other land sufficient for maintenance, land to be reserved there-out for such purpose.
16.When Order in Council made that land be leased under Land Act, and any portion thereof remains unlet for six months thereafter, advances may be made to Natives thereon, to be charged upon future rents.
17.Governor may direct payment of not exceeding one-half of capital moneys arising from land acquired hereunder to Public Trustee for the benefit of the persons entitled thereto.
18.Native Land Court to determine the relative shares of any persons in any moneys arising hereunder where more than one entitled thereto.
19.Moneys due to persons under disability to be paid to Public Trustee, and be invested by him. Application of income.
20.Incorporation of certain provisions of "The Native Land Purchases Act, 1892."
21.By consent of persons entitled thereto purchase-money may be paid by debentures issued under. "The Native Land Purchases Act, 1892."
22.Native over seventeen to be deemed of full age.
23.When land acquired by election, consent of interested person not necessary to validity of election. Election binding on him. Order in Council may divest interested, person of his estate.
24.Effect of Orders in Council.
25.Moneys due to persons refusing to receive same to be paid to Public Trustee. Application of income.
26.Queen's right of pre-emption over all lands outside proclaimed areas.
27.Power to make reserves and endowmenta for hospitals and charitable aid.